At the School of Government and Public Service, our aim, in general, is to foster a deeper understanding of the biblical basis/origin of Government, even civil government. Our goal is help students to understand and appreciate God’s role in government in today’s society; to understand the nature and role of social, economic, and political institutions from biblical standpoint so as to appreciate the greater responsibility and accountability we owe to God as managers or stewards of the earth. Students will be prepared for politics and public service at the federal, state, and local levels to live out good biblical ethics. Ultimately, the school is designed to help students find their niche based on their gifts and calling to fulfill their destiny on earth in honor of God.

NOTE: Students will be encouraged to integrate the learning process to motivate them to activate their gifts, stimulate their spirit, and unlock their creativity to come up with unique indigenous solutions practical and applicable to the specific needs and challenges facing their country, community, neighborhoods and people. 


  • Godly Leadership 101
  • God and Government 101
  • God and Society 101
  • The Bane of Corruption In a Democratic Society: Case In Point: Nigeria
  • Nigeria: The Dichotomy of a Nation
  • Tackling Corruption Through Reforms: Case In Point: Nigeria
  • Tackling Corruption Through Entrepreneurial Ethics 101​