Segun Masha, President & Founder

Faith Leadership Institute arose as part of the overall vision of Marketplace Missions, Inc.—the first non- profit organization established in 1995 by Apostle Segun Masha for the purpose of reaching out to the marketplace via compassionate service. However, from 2001, the Lord then began to expand the vision beyond Segun Masha’s imagination, giving birth to what is now FLI.  With FLI, Masha envisioned an opportunity to educate students with emphasis on leadership and service rooted in Godly values.  

Founded in 2007 by Segun Masha, Faith Leadership Institute strives to develop a new generation of God-fearing leaders committed to Pragmatic Idealism based on practical governance rooted ethics and moral values. This vision came as a result of the need to raise up a generation of leaders in Nigeria who will operate in excellence and carry-on extra-ordinary public service to the glory of God.