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Segun Masha,President & Founder


Is an international research training and development center for biblical principles of government and public service. We promisses to utilize biblical principles of government and public service to raise leaders who will take back the kingdom of this world for God To accomplish our mission, we identify ,recruit train, position participants to serve in government,politics,business, and
other fields to function effectively, in excellence and integrity Baptized with the Holy Spirit and Fire, participants are
ordained and anointed as God’s ambassadors for extra-ordinary achievements in the social,economic, and political arenas
Graduates are equipped with pratical skills and professional training to operate in excellence and integrity in government and other areas of public service. They will have the rare
opportunity to use the wisdom of God to address such important issues as terrorism,poverty,trade ,commerce, information technology,global security, failed policies, social injustice,
economic meltdowns,flawd political systems, and other matters of public interest.

Our Mission

The mission of Faith International is to raise-up and women who feel called to leadership not only in the church but a also in the social,economic, and  government arenas ,to empower them to utilize timeless revolutionary biblical wisdom to solve the world’s moral,social, economics,civic, and political problems Inspired by the biblical account of  Gideon’s life/work in Judges 7,Faith Institute will develop multifaceted faith-based educational programs for the purpose of inspiring and equipping ordinary  folks for extra-ordinary public service

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Segun Masha


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Shade Masha

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